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Dikkat edin, Facebook ta herkesi arkadaş listenize eklemeyin - How to be friends with a strange Facebook account? – Part 1

Yayın tarihi: Jun 7, 2010 gönderen admin Kategori: social media İzlenme: 7479 Etiketler: facebook, profile, arkadaş, dikkat
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Size gelen arkadaşlık teklifinin önce kaç arkadaşı olduğuna bakın  hesabın ne zaman açıldığını görün, profilin ne kadar detaylı olduğunu inceleyin.

I came across one of many sites with questions such as the following: “Kristina Vi June 25, 2008 – 11:25am: does anybody know how i can HACK into a private Facebook account?” Looking at the messages I see a growing trend of people who desired to get into other people’s business. Perhaps they’re acquaintance that aren’t close enough to be friends, or they’re looking for their potential dates’ secret profile, or worse they’re after your identity for identity theft. In the coming few articles, we’ll look at the implication of Social Networking as it relates to your privacy, what to look for and how to be careful. We’ll look into real scenarios of how your security maybe compromised, unless you’re careful.

  1. Set yourself a rule to add friends only, don’t add strangers.
  2. Look at the name and picture carefully. Also click on the “Name” to see the complete profile. If the profile has little details, then chances are it could be a made-up account.
  3. Look for the “You have no friends in common” line. If this person is a friend of yours, there should be some connections.
  4. If this person who’s inviting you is a brand new Facebook user with no friends, then pick up a phone. If he/she is a real friend, you’d probably have something in common to chat about. Call him/her up and find out if there’s a genuine request from them. Always be careful rather than be sorry.

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